The historical Timeline of Churches in Scotland is shown below, and at the foot of this Section is a link to a more expansive History of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

St Congan's Bazar Album_0016 In 1905 St Congan’s Church in Turriff held a Bazar to raise funds for an extension of the churchyard and a new organ. The Bazar Album, produced for sale to raise funds, describes the history of the Church in Turriff and is reproduced here as it provides an interesting insight to the progress of the Church to it’s current location on Devron Road.

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St Congan's Bazar Album_0001

St Congan's Bazar Album_0002St Congan's Bazar Album_0003St Congan's Bazar Album_0004St Congan's Bazar Album_0005St Congan's Bazar Album_0006St Congan's Bazar Album_0007St Congan's Bazar Album_0008St Congan's Bazar Album_0009St Congan's Bazar Album_0010St Congan's Bazar Album_0011St Congan's Bazar Album_0012St Congan's Bazar Album_0013St Congan's Bazar Album_0014St Congan's Bazar Album_0015

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Further Reading.

A brief History of the Scottish Episcopal Church can be found at http://www.scotland.anglican.org/index.php/about/history/